VERDANDE releases first single of upcoming debut EP
Talented Danish progressive metal band VERDANDE are ready with their 1st single ‘We Wait In The Fire’. It's the first single off of their forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which has been mixed and mastered by Jonas Haagensen (Aphyxion, Volbeat and more) at Jacob Hansen Studio. 

VERDANDE focuses on songwriting with exciting musicianship, hefty grooves and mesmerizing melodies, but also a quieter atmosphere with calm and dreamy passages. Primary songwriter and Verdande-guitarist Sigurd Kehlet continues:

“As well as being the first single, ‘We Wait In The Fire’ was also the first song I wrote for Verdande, so you can say that it started the whole thing. For me there is something special about this song because I really think it captures the essence of Verdande's "sound", even though it is the very first of quite a few songs by now. It has technical and intricate sections as well as heavier and simpler parts and even a catchy refrain. It’s definitely still a favourite among all the band members.”

VERDANDE started out in 2016 as an instrumental project at the Danish National Academy of Music, but quickly grew into a full-fledged five-piece spearheaded by talented vocalist Soren Sedit. The band has previously played a handful of concerts in Denmark and Germany, and have received great praise for their energetic performances.

“Verdande” will be self-released on February 8th, 2019.

1. Seeking Waiting or Hiding
2. Giving In 
3. When Forever Ends
4. We Wait In The Fire

Published: 27.1.2019