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TakaLaiton "SisuKastraatio I & II" Thrash Metal
Band: TakaLaiton
Album: SisuKastraatio I & II
Country: Finland
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release date: July 1st, 2019

TakaLaiton was founded in September 2014 in Lappeenranta, South Karelia Finland.

Band's music genre is Melodic Thrash Metal, pure aggression and speed with catchy melodies. The band is known from their energetic and audience pumping shows.

The band has won local band competitions, but worth mentioning is national band contest Heavy Metal Heart-11 in 2017, where competed almost hundred of other bands across Finland.

So far the band has released 2 Ep albums:
"89889595" - 2016 (Music-Bros studio/Grey Area studio)
"Kahdet Kasvot" - 2017 (Tainted studio).

The latest release is Double-EP with English And Finnish songs called "SisuKastraatio 1&2" which was released on the first of July (1.7.2019).
Disc 1:
1. SisuKastraatio
2. Pakkorako
3. Kehityksen Tielta Kuolet
4. Sydantalvi
Disc 2:
5. Construction to Destruction
6. Backstab Society
7. Hail to the Hurricane

TakaLaiton has toured across Europe in such countries as Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Slovakia, Serbia on their two European tours (2017, 2019) and also they have played in Russia on 2017.

On "Make Finnish Metal Heavy Again" - Tour in 2019 the band also headlined in two festivals in Czech Republic (Helpfest Varnsdorf, Symbolic Open Air).

TakaLaiton has also build up their own small metal-festival KontuMetal in Lappeenranta since 2012.
In 2018 KontuMetal was a whole day festival with 10 bands.



The band is:
Juho Mantykivi/ Rhythm guitar & Vocals
Janne Raunio/ Bass & 2nd Vocals
Pasi Hyrkkanen/ Solo guitar
Joona Juntunen/ Drums

Published: 25.10.2019