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Heavy Stoner Rockers RHINO Unveil 'Human Farm' Full Album Details
RHINO is pulling back the curtain on their latest creation, 'Human Farm.' Dive into the details behind their upcoming album, slated for release on February 23rd via Argonauta Records.

Album tracklisting:
Agony & Madness
Planet of Dust
Gentle Sound of the Knife
Human Farm
Magic Water
Big Clouds Again
Fast Radio Burst

Previously, RHINO unleashed two awesome videoclips! If you haven't caught them yet, now's the time to check out the action!

Rhino is a heavy stoner rock band rising from the sulphuric city of Catania, on the slopes of the Etna volcano, where the five members play a mix of stoner/desert rock from the ’90s and 2000 blended with the deep psychedelia of the ’70, resolving in an attitude built around a riff-driven composition, a megalithic wall of fuzz and tons of watts. Rhino was born in 2012 by an idea of the bassist Frank The Door and the guitarist Red Frank, briefly joined afterward by the drummer Lord J. Frank. Following the guitarist Francesco Cucinotta opting out of the band, the lineup was completed by Frank the Doc on vocal duties and Frank Real Tube on guitar. The lineup stood the same since then. Since their beginning, Rhino stand out for their extensive live activities through Italy, sharing the stage with such bands as Red Fang, El Perro and many relevant Italian acts. The band debuts in 2013 with their self-titled EP, followed by their first full lenght The Law of Purity (featuring I See the Monsters videoclip), released on 2017 through Argonauta Records. Renewing the collaboration with Argonauta Records, Rhino’s second full length Human Farm will be release on early 2024, showcasing the most mature work of the band, who confirms to be true to riff worshipping and atmospheric psychedelia, still crossing the genre defining boundaries in an album that stands as unique in its segment.


Published: 28.1.2024