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Review Twisted Rose

Review Twisted Rose

Review Twisted Rose
Giebelstadt Deutschland
Albouš - Who Are you And Who am i speaking to 
Twisted Rose - Hey this is Chris Bones and Mace and we are Twisted Rose.

Albouš - What genre do you play 
Twisted Rose - We are playing Hardrock. But our goal is to bring back the big stadium rock.

Albouš - How long Are you on the scene 
Twisted Rose - Twisted Rose was founded in 2018 

Albouš - How did you come up with the name 
Twisted Rose - The name Twisted Rose simply arose from the fact that we were looking for a band name that doesn’t  exist, but is still closely related to our idols (Guns n´ 'Roses, Twisted Sister, etc.). The name should simply express what we do: Stadium rock at its finest. Simple, memorable and straight to your face.

Albouš - What Is your favorite song from your band
Twisted Rose - Thats a difficult question because we love all of our song. We have a special relationship to our song.
From the current album is „We hear the crowd“ one of our favorite songs, because its a little Hommache to our fans.

Albouš - Where you played your first gig And did something funny happend?
Twisted Rose - There were two gigs that we especially remembered.
One gig was at a large, sold out wrestling event. Shortly before our first song, the connection to our mixer broke and we had to improvise. It was just chaos. So much went wrong technically that mace wanted to quit, but we pulled it off.
The other gig was at a biker event. The gig actually went very well, right up to the last song. Our former drummer got so freaked out at the end that he threw his crash cymbal straight onto a cable. The cable was cut in the middle and the entire hall had no more electricity.

Albouš - Do you Have any inspiration, from another artist or Are you inspired by your day to day life?
Twisted Rose - A little bit of both. Chris Bones got a lot of his inspiration from his idols (AC/DC, KISS, Guns n´ Roses, especially Slash).

Albouš - Can you Tell me something more about the lyrics thats you Are making ?
Twisted Rose - With the lyrics it is very different. On the one hand, we deal with our past in the more serious songs. On the other hand (and that probably applies to most of our songs) some lyrics are simply created out of a good mood and desire to party.
in most cases mace gives me (chris bones) a vocal melody and then i write the lyrics for the song. Often the lyrics are based on the mood of the song. So in most cases we always have the melody first and then the text. some texts are also very ambiguous. For example the song NOW. Who would have thought this was a song against drugs?

Albouš - Were you ever in Czechia?
Twisted Rose - A view times. I've been there several times for work. I have a funeral home (Chris Bones). I have always found Czechia very beautiful and the people there have always been very hospitable. We would be very happy if we could play gigs in Czechia in the future.

Albouš - Now you can write anything to our readers, i Wish you good in musician life
Twisted Rose - We can't thank the fans and those who will become one enough;). Without fans, no twisted rose. On the other hand, we are extremely excited to play live again soon to give the people an unforgettable rock experience. There will be a lot more to hear and see from us in the future. For us, the phrase “We bring back the stadium rock” is not just a phrase or a capitalized marketing phrase. We live and love what we do. To conclude with the words of our singer, which he always says at live gigs, to the point: “Are you up for it?” ........ We definitely do! Twisted Rose .... the future of straight rock music. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and continue to support us as before. Thank You!

Cheers Albouš
Chris and Marcel were responsible for the group

Twisted Rose are
Mace - Vocals and Keys
Chris Bones - Guitar
Chris - Drums
Nico - Bass

Published: 15.6.2021