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METAL HEART RADIO has been on the internet for almost a year now and it is time to take a look.

Although we broadcast all over the world, only a few people make up the radio team after some changes. A team of two founders and several editors.

All year long we tried to pick not only the best of hard rock and metal music, but also occasionally (although it was not common in the first year) to add some interviews, spoken show and so on.

As the first pure metal radio in the Czech Republic we brought you a regular night show in the English language, live show every week, we started with moderated shows, we still introduce new albums in the playlist FRESH FLESH and most importantly we fulfilled our primary mission - to give enough time to club bands "large" radios often overlook, or sometimes require unrealistic "conditions".

This was the origin of the Czechoslovak club scene and later the International club scene for bands outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

As you may have noticed, we have been running all the time without any ads and no fees. Many of you have asked what we are financing all this from?

We are not doing anything illegally. We pay primary and backup servers in France and Canada, we pay royalties to statutory institutions and are also included in selected radio catalogs for consideration to make it easier to find us. All this entails cost. We do not collect entry fees, we do not get any salaries or royalties. Yet the whole team spends a lot of time with the radio.

This autumn we are preparing to upgrade our website, we are preparing more features and improvements. Though we are just a few, we are preparing new shows and one - two big surprises, which I can not even write a line about yet.

We are starting from zero and we are gradually growing. We have developed our own check-in software, so we are not dependent on anyone. We started broadcasting, which today has tens of thousands of regular listeners from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, across the USA to such distant countries as Honduras, Nepal, or Haiti… All without any advertising, without an investor in many ways, eventually "direct"), without any fees. We dare to say that we are the largest exporter of Czech and Slovak club metal music to the world.

All the costs are borne by the two founders with the regular assistance of three listeners. We are also supported by SVEREO advertising company in Ostrava, which was helping us with everything connected to advertising and the Ostrava Music World headed by Braun, which provides us with the Kodan studio if necessary.

Many of you wrote that you would occasionally invite us for a beer. If your invitation was meant seriously, it is the time to accept it.

When each of you “buys” one or two beers once a month, it will help us move the METAL HEART radio a bit further. Most of you will not even notice this small investment, but together you will create quite solid power and the radio will be able to afford to invest in more extensive upgrades and improvements to the show, because even postproduction (the good one) costs something…

If you decide to really help us, either once or every month with a small amount of cash, we can promise you that we will work harder on the project. We are the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic and we are ready to move on. Now it's about how the audience community really cares about it. If so, you can support Pay Pal one-time, whose link we have on the web, but there is a significant fee.

If you decide to help us regularly, your account number is 1231932045/3030. For payments from abroad IBAN CZ14 3030 0000 0012 3193 2045

If so, you can support us (even by making a regular small payment), account number is 1231932045/3030. For payments from abroad IBAN CZ14 3030 0000 0012 3193 2045. PayPal can also be used on our website.

We will be happy for any support, from individuals or even bands. It will be a signal to us that makes sense to continue with METAL HEART.



Published: 2.9.2019