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OVERHATE - Interview

OVERHATE - Interview

Alan - thanks for being able to make an interview for our medium.
Giancarlo - Most happy to do it. Thanks for having me.

Alan - who are you and who answers questions:
Giancarlo - My name is Giancarlo Vettor, I am the singer and guitarist for OVERHATE along with Oswaldo Contramaestre on guitars, Samir Acosta on Bass and Ronald Del Aguila on drums.

Alan - how many times were you playing in Europe, in the Czech Republic?
Giancarlo - our first European run will take place in 2021.

Alan - where can we check about you, your band and your activities?
Giancarlo - to check on me, you have @gvettor on instagram, and you can find me on facebook. To check on Overhate, you have the, and you can find us on every other social media using overhateband (ig @overhateband, twitter: @overhateband, facebook, you tube: officialoverhate)

Alan - when someone would have interest in your concerts in Czech Republic, where they can hit you?
Giancarlo - you can subscribe to our mailing list at our official page ( but we for sure will have you very much updated everywhere in our social media about when the tour will be taking place.

Alan - what is your last album and what is your plan to do?
Giancarlo - our last album is called “New Beginnings are Met”, it was released on may the 1st on Wolf entertainment records. Our plan is to go on tour behind it, as we are working to do so, just the pandemic won’t let us by now.

Alan - Where in the world / European Area / Czech Republic was the best place to play and why?
Giancarlo - everywhere where you are able to make a connection with your audience is the best place to play (specially if the show leaves with some special experience). SO far we’ve played Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada and India, with festival and own gigs that were mainly fun!

Alan - Do you have any favourite festivals?
Giancarlo - I’d say wacken, hellfest and extreme obscene! I kind of became a fan of those!.

Alan - and in foreing countries?, do you have any favorite festival or club?
Giancarlo - we played the international music festival India, and the Guayaquil Rock fest in Ecuador. Both were really cool.

Alan - do you know any Czech republic musicians or bands?
Giancarlo - looking forward to!!!!

Alan - would you mind to cooperate with any Czech interpreters / artists, if yes with who?
Giancarlo - we need to get to know some first 

Alan - You are a long time on a scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream?
Giancarlo - we’d like to take over the world (that’d be the unfulfilled dream as of now)

Alan - What 3 songs do people want to hear on concerts? and what is your opinion?
Giancarlo - on our last record they did like No Change Today, Holiday in Wasteland and Figure of deception, and i always agreed :)

Alan - what is your favorite 3 songs from you?
Giancarlo - all of them have a special place in my heart. But my favorite from the new record are Realities Collide, The Penance and the Lesson and Beneath the Curse.

Alan - what do you say to your fans in Czech Republic?
Giancarlo - we will see you next year for sure!


Band Members:
Giancarlo Vettor: Guitars - Vocals
Oswaldo Contramaestre: Guitars
Samir Acosta: Bass
Ronald Del Aguila: Drums

Published: 9.2.2021