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Midjungards was born on November 6th, 2006, when the band Hell-Train disappeared and Toni began composing music for the new band.
For different reasons, the band did not play its first show until October 2011, with the name Viriato in the pub Darkness of Sedavi (Spain). The band was composed of the members Toni, Nanda, Panollo, and Pascual.
After this concert, the band disappeared for family reasons. Most of the material of From Scandza was composed and recorded with low quality during this period. For many years, the band stayed in stand-by mode, improving some compositions and developing the idea of the band in the cold lands of Finland, with an eye on warm Spain.
It was during this period where the concept of the band was developed further. The concept of the band got closer to the amazing history of the ancient Goths. Toni learned the ancient Gothic languages and delved deep into their long history to gain all the inspiration needed.
During the years 2021-2022, dramatic family events happened, and the project that had been incubated for many years had a drastic boost. With the help of the ex-drummer of Parking Fox, Paco Muñoz, on the drums, Toni went to Finnvox studios to record the first album of Midjungards: "From Scandza."
Meanwhile, Toni started looking for members for the band, first trying with members of a known Finnish band from Hyvinkää (Finland), but finally, this idea did not work out.
Finally, the Finnish/Mexican guitarist Israel Real (Bladzam, Dead Loss, Sacrament) joined the band, bringing strength and stability to the band. A bit later, bass player Tatu Ruotsalainen (Dead Loss, Kolmas Elämä, Rockatansky) and Timmo Salakka, a professional drummer coming from Jazz, joined the band, getting it ready for their debut with Thyrfing, Verikalpa, and Pahan Ikoni in Tampere and Helsinki.
The band has also been confirmed for some big festivals and is ready for the journey. This is the beginning of a long-time journey that will bring us to an amazing world of music and feelings, a band created from the most deep of the heart.
Midjungards is a band inspired by the magical world of the ancient Goths. It brings the magic of the classic world to our days.
This album makes us travel from the origin of the ancient Goths until their last legendary battles and legacy.
Get ready to enter a magical work full of metal energy!
"From Scandza" has been produced by Midjungards.
The recording has been done by Francisco Muñoz and Leevi Kohonen at Finnvox Studios in August 2022.
Mixing has also been done by Leevi Kohonen at Finnvox Studios in September 2022.
Mastering has been done by MIKA JUSSILA at Finnvox Studios in October 2022.
The design cover of the album has been realized by "Madness" Obed Pérez. (

The album tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Hordes Of Hate
3. Dark Streets
4. Still Here
5. From Scandza To Covadonga
6. Hidden Fatality
7. The Day After
8. Entering The History
9. Sons Of Gaut
10. Fire Storm
From the introduction until the last song, this album is a heartfelt expression. The work aims to transmit the significance of the ancient Goths in our history and how their bravery can inspire us to face our everyday problems.

From Scandza can be ordered from here:

Band: Midjungards
Album: From Scandza
Country: Finland
Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal
Release: March 17th, 2023
Label: Dark Rails Records

Published: 25.5.2023