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IRON VOID - Iron Void - CD | LP | MC

IRON VOID - Iron Void - CD | LP | MC

ladies and gents, 2022.12.12 is a release date of a new Ledo Takas release, please welcome:

It is a long-deserved and much anticipated re-issue of the self-titled debut longplay by West-Yorkshire's power trio, preserving the precepts of traditional doom metal, standing as a monument to epic, organic, convincing and memorable sound.

recorded in mid 2013, initially it was released next year by historical German label Barbarian Wrath on CD, and one more year later by UK's Fear Me! Music on vinyl, both formats strictly limited and now sought after. nowadays signed to American Shadow Kingdom label, IRON VOID have two more albums under their collective belt, with the fourth full-length up and coming.
this new redesigned edition of "Iron Void" is offered with a refreshing photo collage from the vintage times, and extensive liner notes by Jonathan Seale in jewel case CD, cassette tape, and three different, ultimately limited coloured vinyl versions.

Vinyl and CD pre-orders are accepted, now:

Published: 18.11.2022