interview with the Legendary

interview with the Legendary

Alan -  Hi Guys, thanks for being able to make the time for our interview today. Who are you and who will answer our questions today?
T - Hi, I am Torsten, the vocalist and guitar player.
B - Hi, and I am Sebastian, the bass player.

Alan - How many times have you been playing in the Czech Republic already?
 T - I have actually never played in the Czech Republic before, but yeah, I`d really like to.

Alan - And where can we check you guys out?
T - You can find us on Facebook, we´re on Spotify, ITunes. You can also simply go to and from there you will find everything.

Alan - When someone would have interest in your concerts in the Czech Republic where can they come and see you?
T - Well, currently, we don´t have any gigs planned for the Czech Republic, but they can come and see us in Berlin or somewhere close, for now.

Alan - What is your last album and what are you planning next?
T -  The last album was called “Let´s get a little high”. It´s out and you can find it everywhere. Right now, we are writing new songs for the new album which we will hopefully start to record by the end of this year.

Alan - Where in the Czech Republic was the best city to play and, why?
B - We haven´t played with the Legendary in the Czech Republic yet, but I played several times in Prague with my former band and what I can say – Prague is a beautiful city with great clubs and the audience was also great.

Alan - Do you have any favorite festival?
T - I really like the “Rock am Ring” or “The Hurricane Festival”. It´s close to my home, so I don´t have to drive that far.

Alan - Do you know any Czech musicians or bands?
B - I don´t know so many Czech bands. I listen to Squaw and Dymyty and I also know a few songs of Traktor but I think Squaw is my favorite band.

Alan - Would you be interested in cooperating with any Czech interpreter, and if yes, with whom?
T - I don´t really know that many, to be honest, but I would probably give it a go, why not!

Alan - You have been on the scene for a long time. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream?
T - Yeah, to play the Czech Republic!

Alan - What songs do people want to hear at the concerts, and, what is your opinion?
T -  They always want to hear all the songs. We don´t have that many released albums yet. We don’t have a hundred songs to chose from, so we always play everything we have, and then some, so. That´s what I think, you know, I like to play as many songs as possible, at a show, just to have like a really nice, long show.

Alan - What are your favorite three songs from you?
T und B - It´s hard, it´s probably “Let´s get a little high”, “Shot in the dark” and “Half a devil”. Those are probably the most, the songs I like the most, at the moment. But it may change.

Alan - What would you like to say to your fans in the Czech Republic?
T und B - Well, people, watch out for “The Legendary Band”. We can´t wait to bring our music to you! 

Published: 26.6.2019