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Interview with Redstones

Interview with Redstones


Alan - Thanks for being able to make a interview for our medium.
Wil/Matt - Hello Alan it’s a pleasure for us to make this interview for Metal Heart Radio.

Alan - Who are you and who answers questions?
Wil/Matt - we are Redstones a French rockband and today Wil the vocalist and Matt the Bassist will answer the questions.

Alan - How many times were u playing in Czech Republic?
Wil/Matt - Actually we never did, but it will certainly change in the futur

Alan - Where can we check you out? 
Wil/Matt - you can see us and follow us on our social media channels Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and our website

Alan - When someone would have interest in your concerts in Czech Republic, where they can hit you out?
Wil/Matt - As we said before, we never played in Czech Republic, but we’re actually working on it

Alan – What´s your last album, and what is your plan to do? 
Wil/Matt - Our Last Album is called Up & Down, this Album is 2 years old. we are working on the second Album for now

Alan - Where in Czech was the best place to play, and why?
Wil/Matt - We hope that we’ll be able to answer to your question in a fiew month aha

Alan - Do you have any favorite festivals? 
Wil/Matt - Yes we do ! Colours of Ostrava, Metronome Festival Prague, Masters of Rock,  Rock for People are amazing festivals in the Czech Republic. We hope that we gonna play there one Day. 

Alan - And in foreign countries? Do you have any favorite festival or club? Well,

Wil/Matt - There are many festivals in the world who are really great.
In Germany Rock am ring in France Hellfest in England Glastonbury to name some of them. we love the energy of festivals, it's always special moments going on there

Alan - Do you know any Czech musicians or bands? 
Wil/Matt - We know Kabat because they played at the Eurovision song contest in 2007

Alan - Would you mind to cooperate with any Czech interpret, and if yes with who? 
Wil/Matt - Something is gonna happend with a czech band, we have a project on work, but we can’t talk about it for now

Alan - You are a long time on a scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream? 
Wil/Matt - We are big dreamers! it would be wonderful that our music makes us travel all around the world, and playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London with an orchestra would be one of the biggest dream we have

Alan - What 3 songs do people want hear on concerts? and what is your opinion? 
Wil/Matt - Liars from our first album, Rise and another brand new song we played recently live. it’s very cool cause our new songs have new influences and this gives us great hope for the coming album.

Alan - What is your favorite 3 songs from you? 
Wil/Matt - I could say that we like to play all the new songs, for the first album I would say Liars, Feelings are demons and Chains

Alan - What do you want say to your fans in Czech Republic? 
Wil/Matt - We hope to see you very soon my friends, stay tuned

members of a band :   Wil – Vocalist 
                Ben – Guitar 
                Matt – Bass 
                Yves – Drums 

website - 



Published: 16.1.2021