interview with Ken Hensley

interview with Ken Hensley

Alan - Thanks for being able to make a interwiev for our medium. 

Alan - Who are you and who answers questions?
Ken - Hi! My name is Ken Hensley and I will be answering the questions

Alan - How many times were u playing in Czech republic?
Ken - A lot … over many years! Probably between 50 and 100 times.

Alan - Where can we check you out?
Ken - On Facebook, VK or my web site

Alan - When someone would have interest in your concerts in Czech Republic, where they can hit you out?
Ken - As above!

Alan - Whats your last album, and what are you planing to do?
Ken - My last album is called ¨Rare & Timeless¨, released by BMG in 2018. This CD will be available at my shows there. 
I have many plans including a new album for 2020 and I have just completed the script for my first stage musical.

Alan - Where in Czech was the best city to play, and why?
Ken - I can´t pick one! For me all shows are great, wherever they are!

Alan - Do you have any favourite festival?
Ken - I have a lot of them but my greatest memory is hearing 100,000 people singing the chorus of Lady In Black in Hamburg some years ago.

Alan - And in foreign countries? do you have any favourite festival or club?
Ken - In 2018, me and Live Fire played to 35,000 people at a festival in Novokuznetsk, Russia and this was amazing! We filmed and recorded this show and the film and album will be released later this year.

Alan - Do you know any czech musicians or bands?
Ken - Probably Alan ... just don´t remember them! Sorry ...

Alan - Would you mind to cooperate with any czech interpert, and if yes with who?
Ken - If you mean Interpreter, I have always enjoyed working with Lea Melnikova and I hope she will be there this time too!

Alan - You are a long time on a scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream?
Ken - Yes! A lot of them and I am excited about chasing every one of them!

Alan - What 3 songs do people wanna hear on koncerts? and what is your opinion?
Ken - 3? They want to hear all of them! July Morning, Lady In Black, Easy Living etc...  etc ...
And I am happy to deliver that for them!

Alan - What is your favourite 3 songs from you?
Ken - Impossible to answer .... there are so many.

Alan - What do you wanna say to your fans in czech republic?
Ken - That I am really looking forward to being there with them to rock their part of the world!! 

Published: 14.6.2019