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Interview with group E;R!

Interview with group E;R!

Albouš - Who Are you And Who am i speaking to
E;R! - Hi, this is Elvis and Robert from the music project "E;R!". Nice to meet you!

Albouš - What was first song that you played as band 
E;R! - Actually none, because till now we have been a studio project and haven't played live yet. Not excluded in future, so stay tuned!

Albouš - How did you come up with the name of the band
E;R! - Well, one of the most asked questions. But rather easy to be answered: It's just the first letters of our first names – E for Elvis and R for Robert. But you can choose how you wanna pronounce it, it has a double meaning in German. :-)

Albouš - what was your last concert that you played on 
E;R! - Indeed not in this project yet, but we both played live on stage with some earlier projects.

Albouš - do you Have any funny or interesting thing that happend to you while playing gigs
E;R! - Since we have another vocalist for every song, it can be quite interesting who will be there in the end. We assume that there will be a lot of funny things happening.

Albouš - Can you Tell me something more about the lyrics of your songs
E;R! - Every vocalist also writes the lyrics. As far as we don't want something radical we don't limited them in their creativity. So it's spread across a lot of things. Mostly it's about life, love, dreams, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll! :-)

Albouš - Did you knew each other before you started playing as a band?
E;R! - Not at all. A good old friend made the connection at a concert at his music school. He was the drummer of Elvis for a long time in different bands. And Robert's son started to learn drums there once ago.

Albouš - Who come up with the idea of making a band 
E;R! - We started to jam and found out that it works and how the concept will look like. Let's call it a happy accident ;-)

Albouš - do you Have any inspiration from another artist/s?
E;R! - Sure, like every musician we do. Robert clearly comes from the metal side like Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera or Slayer. So he started to play the guitar in that direction. Elvis' origins are progressive rock bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple or Dire Straits. All rock stuff with keys, synths and piano. 

Albouš - Thank you for your time Now you Have time to say anything to our readers
E;R! - 
- Thanks a lot for having us. Never stop to listen music … visit concerts, festivals and support your heroes. Stay healthy and take care! HORNS UP
Elvis - Don’t forget that behind the streaming there a many musicians living for their music. A click is cool, a like is better! We want your feedback! So please tell us in comments what you think about our stuff!
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Published: 10.7.2021