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Interview The Edge Of Reason

Interview The Edge Of Reason

Albouš - Hello Who Are you And Who Is answering on the questions
Ro Seven – I'm Ro Seven, vocalist of The Edge Of Reason. We're an emotional Post-Hardcore Band from Germany, Regensburg.

Albouš - how long you Are on the scene
Ro Seven – We originally formed in 2012, broke up in 2013 and started from Scratch end of 2016

Albouš - What was the first song that you did together
Ro Seven – Our first professioanlly produced song is "How Can I Drop This Mask"

Albouš - What Is the last album that you made 
Ro Seven – Our second full length album is called "STING" from 10/2019 published on STF-Records, produced by Room4Studio, mastered by Joey Sturgis (e.g. Asking Alexandria)

Albouš - Do you Have favorite song from your band
Ro Seven – Not really, it's hard to choose from your own songs. I guess it's always the latest song ;-) So atm it is Satori.

Albouš - Can you Tell me something about the lyrics of your songs
Ro Seven - We are ardent mental health advocates. We mostly make songs about struggles we all may be facing every day. About mental health issues and how we cope.

Albouš - What was the last gig that you played
Ro Seven – Well, that was our first ever live stream show on Oct. 18th, 2020

Albouš - where we can find you? Do you Have Facebook, instagram, Twitter, or any other site?
Ro Seven – Yes, all of them. Find us at

Albouš - Did you ever played in Czechia?
Ro Seven – Yes, several times, e.g. Ostrava, Hradek, Pohoří ...

Albouš - Thank you for your time, i Wish you good in musician life, Now you can write anything to our readers.
Ro Seven – Thanks so much Metal Heart Radio for having us! And thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our fans for supporting us! <3 \m/

Published: 21.6.2021