Interview / RORY ELLIS

Interview / RORY ELLIS

Alan - Thanks for being able to make a interwiev for our medium.
Rory – Thanks for having me!

Alan - Who are you and who answers questions?
Rory – I am Rory Ellis and I will be answering all the questions myself

Alan - How many times were u playing in Czech republic?
Rory – Well, as it turns out, I have never actually played in the Czech Republic, but I am really looking forward to doing it, and it appears that it may be as soon as next year.

Alan - Where can we check you out?
Rory – You can find me on my website at 

Alan - When someone would have interest in your concerts in Czech Republic, where they can hit you out?
Rory – I will make sure all my shows will be listed up on my website – just go there and click on the Events tab

Alan - Whats your last album, and what are you planing to do?
Rory – My last album is titled One Skin, and given the recent release of this album in Europe via Valve Records, I am planning a European tour in 2020.

Alan - Do you have any favourite festival?
Rory – In Australia, we have some really good festivals, with Port Fairy Folk Festival being one of the biggest in Australia, and definitely one of my favourites.

Alan - And in foreign countries? do you have any favourite festival or club?
Rory – I think my favourite festival in a foreign country so far, would have to be the Shetland Island Folk Festival…but having played hundreds of festivals in 7 countries, it really is hard to choose!

Alan - Do you know any czech musicians or bands?
Rory – I don’t know any personally, but I have heard you have some great talent coming out of your country.

Alan - Would you mind to cooperate with any czech interpert, and if yes with who?
Rory – I am more than happy to cooperate with any on

Alan - You are a long time on a scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream?
Rory – Yeah, I guess it’s been 21 years since I went solo, and now with an EP and 8 albums, thousands of shows and festivals in 7 countries, I feel privileged to have achieved so much. I guess those things I really would still love to do, is to further expand my international touring, make more great albums, and to continue to do what I love the most….song writing, recording and singing my songs to my audiences.

Alan - What 3 songs do people wanna hear on koncerts? and what is your opinion?
Rory – Well, I get a lot of requests for a whole bunch of my songs – which is really nice, especially as an original songwriter. If I had to think of 3 of my most requested songs, they would be Road Of No Return, Who’s Your Daddy and One Skin. 

Alan - What is your favourite 3 songs from you?
Rory - When you put so much effort into the creation of any song, every word, every note, every moment means so much and makes it almost impossible to ever choose a favourite. 
The same goes for listening to other artists as I always listen to an album in its entirety and try to figure where the artist was coming from, what he/she was trying to say or deliver at that moment in time.
There are always songs that you like instantly and others that grow on you..The latter for me are often the most powerful.

Alan - What do you wanna say to your fans in czech republic?
Rory - As I mentioned a bit earlier, it appears that the wheels have been set in motion to tour Europe again in 2020. I’m really happy about this, and looking forward to meeting you at my shows in the Czech Republic! If you come along to one of my shows, mention this interview to me, and I will happily give you an autographed CD as a token of my friendship and appreciation.

members of a band : To be confirmed

Published: 1.5.2019