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Alan: Thanks for being able to make an interview for our medium.
Thomas: Hello Alan, thank you. We feel honoured.

Alan: Who are you and who answers the questions?
Thomas: I am Thomas, bass player of Snow White Blood.

Alan: How many times were you playing in Europe, in the Czech Republic?
Thomas: Well, we have already played on several stages in Europe, mostly in Germany but also in nearby states like Belgium or the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we haven’t been to the Czech Republic yet, but this would be great after the pandemic.

Alan: Where can we check you about you / your band and your activities?
Thomas: Well, you can check us out on social media and on our on website. There, you can find out more about our concept which is the combination of symphonic metal with the magical world of fairytales:

Alan: What’s your last album, and what is your plan to do?
Thomas: With “Hope Springs Eternal” we have recently published our new album and our current plans are to gain as many new fans as possible all over the world. As soon as Covid19 lets us, we plan a tour to bring our new songs on stage at last.

Alan: Where in the World / European area / Czech Republic was the best place to play, and why?
Thomas: That’s a hard choice: Every concert had something special, independent from the place. We love to play small stages because it is always an intensive experience to get in touch with the audience - but for every musician it is a dream to play the big stages and festivals - so we also enjoyed the festival slots as Autumn Moon Festival in Germany, for example.

Alan: Do you have any favorite festivals?
Thomas: It would be a dream to play Wacken, Rock Harz or Summer Breeze in Germany

Alan: And in foreign countries? Do you have any favorite festival or club? 
Thomas: It would be amazing to play the festivals in Czech Republic like Metalfest Open Air or Masters of Rock. Our buddies from the symphonic metal band Elvellon played Metalfest in 2019 and they were overwhelmed.

Alan: Would you mind to cooperate with any Czech interpreters / artists, and if yes with who?
Thomas: Why not? We are always interested in meeting new bands and people, having fun on and beside the stage. 

Alan: You are a long time on a scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dreams?
Thomas: (laughing) Plenty of them - we still don’t get enough of making new music and sharing it with our fans. As said before, it would be a blast to play Wacken or the other mentioned festivals. As we already have lots of fans in the States, we would love to play overseas some time.

Alan: What are your favorite 3 songs from you?
Thomas: I love to play “Drop A Stitch” and “The Court Jester” from our new album, and “Sheherazade” from our EP.

Alan: What do you want to say to your fans in Czech Republic?
Thomas: We are glad that we also have a fanbase in Czech Republic. Spread the word, if you like our music and listen to our new album “Hope Springs Eternal, if you haven't done yet. We would love to visit Czech Republic as soon as possible. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves.

Band members:
Ulli Perhonen - vocals & orchestra
Christian Weber - guitars
Thomas Schmitt - bass
Max Rudolph - drums

Website - 

Published: 29.12.2020