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Metalcore Electronic from Russia
Released March 29th, 2019
Label: Sliptrick records
BRIGHTDELIGHT Exclaim Their Wish To ‘Invoke’

The BrightDelight members come from vastly different backgrounds and listen to different music style. For example, Stan (drummer) listens to a lot of deathcore, which is kinda extreme for others, but everyone tries to keep their ears and hearts open at all times, so there is a mix of classic rock, metalcore, post-hardcore and everything else on Invoke, the Russian bands new album. As their first album was metalcore, the band like to jokingly refer to Invoke as post-metalcore.
BrightDelight hope listeners will find things they like. Topics they can relate to and words they can connect to. Everyone needs something of their own, so the group wanted to make a body of work for everyone and show that we all share the same insecurities, vulnerabilities, problems and fears. But also that there will be light and you should find this light in yourself and help others.

The concept starts with the title – “invoke”. BrightDelight literally want everyone to invoke. And the whole album is a philosophical journey to the shadows of the past, nowadays and the future. Look into the depth and what do you see? A Cliche? A black and white world? Or a game of chess with the unknown enemy? Find out yourself.

The artwork was made by the talented designer Vyacheslav Nikulaichev. By default, he is a game designer, but he never fails us. The band wanted the cover to represent this process of invoking and to be mesmerizing and intriguing. They researched many different patterns like cosmos, mandalas, mythology and came up with something unique for for the album.

Invoke | Released March 29th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Eternity 
02. No Right To Escape 
03. Invoke 
04. My Sorrow
05. Ghost In The Mirror 
06. My Way Is Lost 
07. Checkmate 
08. Where Is My Heaven 
09. Black And White 
10. Cliche 
11. Never Say Never 
12. Between The Heaven And Hell 
13. Rest In Dreams

Lyrics and music by BrightDelight. Written and produced by BrightDelight. Recorded by Progressive Heroes Studio, Odintsovo, Russia. Mixed and mastered by EmpireStudio, St. Petersburg, Russia. Photos by Jene List. Invoke Album cover by Blackink / Vyacheslav Nikulaichev.

BrightDelight are:
Aleksandr Arkhipkin – Vocals 
Aleksandr Telganov – Vocals 
Denis Kirsanov – Bass 
Stanislav Nikitashin – Drums 
Mikhail Fogel – Guitar


Published: 1.4.2019