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Braveride ".?.?.?of Heroes and Innerfire" epic-symphonic metal
Band: Braveride
Album: .?.?.?of Heroes and Innerfire
Country: Greece
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Label: Heathen Tribes
Release date: March 26th, 2019
Braveride is an epic-symphonic metal band with many power-metal elements.

Pure epic feeling and modern sound characterize the style of the band and all the lyrics inspired by sword and sorcery fantasy themes. The band founded by Marios Christakis at 2004 and it has released 3 albums until now. All the albums are concept based.

Braveride are:
Marios Christakis: guitars, orchestrations
Yrr: keyboards, additional  orchestrations
Kostas Chatzigeorgiou: vocals
Kostas Mylonas: drums

Published: 25.4.2019