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Blaze Bayley interview

Blaze Bayley interview

We don't even need to introduce Blaze Bayley, everyone, or almost everyone, who listens to rock or metal knows this artist. And now we will try to talk about the upcoming the Unstoppable tour 2023 in - March and April. In addition to the tour, we will also ask a few questions about the Czech Republic, and especially Pilsen.

Alan – Hi Blaze, how are you looking forward to the tour? And with whom did you prepare the UK and European tour? Or do you do it all by yourself?
Blaze - So excited. Absolutely brilliant. Just can’t wait to return. I’m bringing Absolva as my backing band and my support band. These guys are totally awesome. Incredible musicians. So happy Covid is beaten and live music is possible again. I’ve missed Czech Republic so much. So many great memories of your wonderful country.

Alan – I won't ask you about the preparation before the tour, it's always big, rehearsing, rehearsing and rehearsing again. That's 100%. But the very preparation after playing UK concerts for departure, departure to Europe. What are you taking with you? So that nothing is forgotten. Pants, spare shoes etc .... + mascot? For example, a teddy bear?
Blaze - Most people do a list of things they need to take on tour. I don’t. Just do my laundry at the end of the tour and put everything back in my bag. I leave my bag packed and ready near my front door, ready to leave. When it’s time to go on tour I’m ready. I kiss my dog goodbye and ride to my gig.

Alan – Of course, playing live also includes merchandise. What will you take with you? A new record? Old albums? And calculating how much of what, so that everyone gets it if they want to add to their discography?
Blaze - I have a wonderful hard-working manager that takes care of all the merchandise. Email him about those things. I focus on singing and performing the best I can for my fans. I do a free meet and greet at every gig, at the merch stand. Usually the meet and greet is before the concert. It’s free. Please make sure you know how to work the camera on your phone!

Alan - What specifically can Blaze Bayley fans look forward to? Any specialties?
Blaze - I change my set list on every tour I do. I have 11 studio albums and every song is someone’s favourite. This tour features songs from my new album, War Within Me, and songs from my 3rd album, Blood and Belief. And some old favourite songs. I just can’t wait to sing for my Czech Republic fans again. It has been much too long.

Alan –You move around the world a little more, we know that in every country, on every continent, fans behave a little differently. You probably recognized that too. Do you have see it too on concerts in different countries? In performance access to the given location?
Blaze - My fans in Czech Republic make me feel like a king when I perform there. I have really missed everyone. I have had some of my favourite ever gigs there. So happy that I can return and perform again.

Alan – How do you eat on tour? Do you also try regional dishes? That's always good knowledge. What did you like best? And which food was the most interesting for you?
Blaze - On tour I eat mostly fast food, noodles, cuppa soup and sandwiches. It’s very unhealthy most of the time. Goulash and dumplings is my favourite food in Czech Republic. The Melodka venue in Brno has a wonderful restaurant underneath it. I always eat there if I have time.

Alan – What about the Czechia? Have you eaten any regional or typical Czech food?
Blaze - I enjoy local food when I have the opportunity. Most restaurants are closed after the show but kebabs are sometimes available. They often taste different in different countries.


Alan – When you don't drink beer or other alcohol anymore, and I'm glad because I (and some of the team members (are abstinent), what do you like to drink? What makes you feel good? I like Mochito without alcohol.
Blaze - I only drink water because of problems with my health. I like cold water with bubbles after my gig. I do everything I can to protect my voice. I want to be  singing the best I can for my fans. Singing well for my fans makes me feel good.  I am very lucky that I am living my dream of being a professional singer.

Alan – Speaking of Pilsen, you will have a concert (performance) on April 1, 2023 in KD (club) Šeříkovka. Have you played in this club before? And how many times did you play in Pilsen during your career?
Blaze - So excited about my concert in Pilsen on April 1st. It is a beautiful city. Crazy, wonderful times I’ve had there. Incredible people. I have been playing live concerts all over the country. Hundreds of live shows. I think I played Pilsen 11 times over the years but if you need an accurate definite number try google or wikipedia. That’s what I do. I’ve never played any concerts in China, India or Iran.  

Alan – Another worldwide phenomenon is the theater of Spejbl and Hurvínek. Do you know these characters? Pilsen also has a museum, good to visit. Take photos.
Blaze - The UK media has, I think, banned Spejbl and Hurvínek. I don’t know why they did that. The museum sounds wonderful.

Alan – We will still stay in Pilsen. Do you know or know something about Pilsen? (We will 100% see you there)
Blaze - I get no real time to look around the wonderful cities I visit but my lasting memories of Pilsen are always the people at my shows. I’m so excited to be returning.

Alan – From the Czech and Moravian stops, you also have Brno. What about Brno? And two concerts in the Republic, wasn't there more space?
Blaze - My management team book as many viable shows as possible each year. In Czech Republic we have had success playing a small number of shows but we are always open to other possibilities in the future. Promoters should get in touch with my manager or booker via my website 

Alan – When you've done the whole tour it's good to rest, how are you going to relax? Will you go somewhere overseas, or will you seek peace in the forest? how do you relax Because it doesn't seem like it, but a big tour is always exhausting.
Blaze - I ride my motorcycle when I’m not on tour. Sometimes it is possible to ride my motorcycle during the tour also. I would love to do a whole European tour riding my motorcycle to every concert. One time in Czech Republic, a Harley Davidson motorcycle shop leant me a beautiful new Fatboy motorcycle to ride. It was totally amazing. The people there are so generous, kind and courageous. It really is a special place in the world.

Alan – Thanks for the interview and we are already looking forward to both Brno and Pilsen. For me, especially to Pilsen. Not only for playing but also for the Blood & Belief re-issue Option3 LP.
Blaze - Thank you so much for thinking of me. I just can’t wait to return

Kind regards

Published: 27.2.2023