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French Epic Black Metal Band BELORE To Release Third Full-Length Album
French Epic Black Metal band BELORE to release third full-length album, entitled 'Eastern Tales,' on April 5th, 2024, via Northern Silence Productions.

1. To the Eastern Lands
2. Sons of the Sun
3. Storm of an Ancient Age
4. The Hermit Awakens
5. Denelior's Betrayal
6. Battle for Therallas
7. The Rise of a Sovereign

Belore is an Epic Black Metal project hailing from France, that set its foot in the vein of bands such as Summoning, Caladan Brood, Saor and Moonsorrow. The music takes its place in a medieval fantasy universe created by the band from scratch, where nature and imaginary landscapes will take you out. With 3 full-lengths released through the German label Northern Silence Productions, Belore is now internationally known also thanks to the collaboration with the European booking agency In Fiction Entertainment, that led the band to quickly play live in festivals and venues throughout the continent.

Published: 4.4.2024