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Ukraine's Groove Death Metallers ARHAT To Release Second Full-Length Album
Hello everyone! We are excited to present our new album "Secrets of Ancient Gods," set to release for May 31st, 2024. Through music, we will transport you to a time when ancient gods ruled the world, and their secrets embraced every corner of the earth.
This album is a journey into the world of ancient gods and mysterious rituals, reflecting the depths of wisdom of ancient civilizations. Each composition of the album is imbued with the spirit of mystery and magic, embodied in sophisticated melodies and epic arrangements. In the recording of the album, we utilized Turkish ney, sitar, percussion, and cinematic sound design, blending symphonic orchestrations with ethnic elements.
"Secrets of Ancient Gods" is crafted in the style of ethnic extreme metal, blending death, groove, and thrash metal. Allow yourself to immerse in this captivating world of mythology from past epochs and feel the sounds of antiquity that remain relevant even today.

1 Intro
2 Abyss Of Flame
3 Karnak
4 Arcana XVI
5 Nasha Khoda Nevpynna
6 Symbols (feat Oleksii Syrota from Voracity)
7 Path Eternal
8 Wheel Of Fate
9 The Great Unknown (feat Dmytro Moskalenko from Violateress)
10 Shlyah Do Prozrinnya

We also wanted to mention the tracks "Symbols" (Single 2022) and "The Great Unknown" (Single 2023). We reworked the arrangements and added ethnic instruments. Guest vocalists took part in the recording: Oleksii Syrota from Voracity and Dmytro Moskalenko from Violateress.

Arhat are:
Alex Sitkoff - vocals
Anton Skrebov - guitar
Anton Inov - bass
Ivan Semenchuk - drums

Music: Anton Skrebov, Anton Inov
Lyrics: Oleksandr Kharechko, Alex Sitkoff, Ivan Semenchuk
Sound design: Anton Skrebov
Art: Viktor Gudkov
Reamping: Oleksandr Chernikov
Mixing and mastering Dmitry Kim

January 2018 - "Mantra", demo
June 2018 - Internet single "Stately Ruins"
January 2020 - Music Video "Freedom"
December 2020 - Debut full-length album "Dead Life"
February 2021 - Symbols, single in video format, full band playthrough
March 2022 - The Great Unknown, single in live music video format

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Published: 28.3.2024