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Alcotopia "It Hits The Spot" Speed/Thrash metal
Band: Alcotopia
Album: It Hits The Spot
Country: Lithuania
Genre: Speed/Thrash metal
Label: Narcoleptica Productions
Release date: May 30th, 2019
n the dead of night a fog surrounds the woods below a blood red moon. Within a clearing in the trees the fog emits an eerie hue illuminated by the bloody moonlight.

Under the glowing mists among the ritualstones the gates of Hell emerge with four demonic figures standing before them.

Wielding the instruments of madness in their metal claws they call upon the winds of hell to show the force of metal and ravage the surrounding lands.

To this day they haunt the realm bringing roaring metal fury to all those who oppose them.

Published: 11.4.2019